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While competition is our main goal for the year. The American football team work hard for their competition season as well. We go to all of their home games, and some of their away games, to support the team as they battle it out against their opponents. 


Sideline cheer is a mix between performances (which are typically given during half time) and sideline chants. This is really important to do in order to keep the pep and moral of Giants as the clock runs down, and show extra appreciation when the players do something leaving the crowd in awe, like a one-handed catch or running through 6 defenders - This is where we come in. Our chants are also strategic in that we aim to be loud enough to drown out the voicing of plays to the opponents, the less they know what play the Giants will run, the better chance they have of it working! 


All in all, the games are a great opportunity to show our support, practice in front of a crowd and have some team bonding, not only with the cheerleaders but with the American Footballers as well. If you are interested in coming along to one of their games you can find more information on the American Football page! 

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