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Coaches & Captains

Meet the captains/coaches!

Alexx, one of the founders of the Giants cheerleading team, has been cheerleading for over 14 years, as well as dancing from a very young age. Alexx makes dazzling routines and as a licensed coach she can teach any stunt, from beginner to advanced! 

Femke has a history of gymnastics and dance, and has been with the Giants from the start of the team. After being a base for a few months, she got her coaching license and became captain in 2021. Aside from assisting with coaching, she runs the admin side of the team!

Anniek has been dancing her whole life, and joined the Giants team to be a cheerleader in 2019. After being a dedicated member she became captain in 2022. Next to running the PR for the team, she also assists with making and teaching choreo for our routines!

Kiera is a professional dancer and choreographer, and has been captain for the Giants since its founding. Not only is she a very strong cheerleader and experienced coach, she also makes the most impressive choreographies!

groningen giants cheerleading captains.png
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