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There are several positions that you can assume in cheer. If you think that any of these would be something you would like to do with us, we always want to know so that we can provide you with the best experience possible on our team! 


This seems to be children's dream position, and really do have the best opportunity for great photos, but flyers are so much more hard work and dedication than a pretty face. A flyer is a person that other members of the team lift into the air. Their core strength and flexibility need to be out of this world to achieve some of the incredible stunts and positions that we put them in, all while maintaining a pretty face. Flyers need to trust in their group, that they will always catch them when they fall, no stunt, height, or move is out of the question with the bravery of these positions. If this sounds like something that you would want to do, let us know and we can always try you out! 


The strength and determination of these team players are like no other. It really is an ego boost when you can lift a whole human above your head, throw them around and catch them when they fall. This position really allows you to show off your skill, and the bragging rights to your friends should not go unnoticed. But this position, despite what it looks like, is not all about strength. Each stunt group has two bases and your timing together needs to be so in sync you’re practically mirrors. Together you can combine your efforts and really put a fantastic performance on for the crowd. If teamwork and strength are where you shine this could be the position for you. 


When you think of backspot, think of reliable, stable and if we are honest, tall. Here your job is to provide all-round support for your team. You makeup strength where it's lacking, keep the flyer balanced and are the frontman to catch the flyer if she falls. You see all of the inner workings of the stunts and typically see when something is going wrong before anyone else notices. You are really the one everyone turns to for feedback and improvements for the stunt, and that bond and trust that you get is nothing to turn your nose at, you are an all-rounder and everyone knows it. The responsibility is almost as high as your flyer! If you think this could be the role for you, come and try out at one of our practices.  


Stunt positions are not everything that you do in cheer. If stunting isn’t for you, don’t be discouraged. Our team is so much more than that, and all talents are accepted! 


The flips and tricks are really something to be envied of your friends! Here we learn anything from beginner level tricks to more complex moves. As with a lot of moves in cheerleading, tumblings main challenge in our opinion is getting over the fear in your mind and commit. The body is so much more capable than we can imagine. Which is why here we provide safe equipment and gradual steps for you to perfect your technique and practice the moves in a way which allows you to get over that fear and begin your journey to becoming a tumbling master. Tumbling requires a lot of perseverance to keep getting it wrong until it clicks, the support of our team really stops you from becoming disheartened and we hope to help you try out soon. 


The mind of a dancer is really something to be valued in this sport. Making the simplest of moves look good, nailing the counts in your head until they are carved into stone in your mind, not only helps with your dancing technique but all aspects of our skills in the routine. If you love to dance this is definitely somewhere which you can shine! We are always trying fast-paced choreography, guaranteed to keep you challenged. We always want our choreography to show you and let you shine. A moment in the spotlight here is definitely something to be desired. So if dancing is something deep in your heart, come to practice as we think this could definitely be the place for you! 

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