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Each year we compete to battle out against the cheerleaders. Most of the year you can see us cheering along with the American Football team and giving them a taste of the talent we have during those performances, but trust us when we say the competition is where we truly shine. There are several categories within the competition allowing a wide range of talent to compete. Including cheer dance, partner stunts, group stunts, mixed and all-female cheer for all ages you could imagine (minis to masters). 


Our company focuses on the cheering aspect of the competition. In 2020 we competed in the Senior Mixed cheer category of the competition but we are hoping to expand and grow next year to have some representation in most categories. More information about the type of teams which we are working towards can be found on our team page. 


This is truly the event that we work towards all year round, for that 2 minutes and 30 seconds of glory. The day is jam-packed full of cheering on the other teams competing, warm-ups, chants, and performance. It’s truly a day like no other. For more information about how our last competition went you can look at our blog!

Take a look at our talented competition team from 2020!

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