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Open Day 2021

We are officially back after what feels like forever. We hope that now things are slowly coming back we can meet all of you at our next open day for the new season! If you're interested in joining cheer or just want to see what all the hype is about feel free to come along to our session on Saturday the 14th of august at 17:30 at Goudenregenplein gymzaal, Groningen.

This is a session designed for new comers so don't feel discouraged if you've never done anything like this before! We will have a few of our members coming to help out, but this is a session built for you. We will be going back to basics and building from there.

If you have experience already let us know before you come so that we can also give you an impression of the level our team is at and hopefully give you an idea of whether we are a good fit for you as well 💚

Let us know via dm on our instagram (@groningencheergiants) or email if you are interested in coming along!


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