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Open Day 2020

Are you wanting to try out for our new season this coming year! We are hosting our openday on the 2nd of September. This will take place outside at 20:00 till 22:00.  

We know that people are coming with a diverse range of experiences, so for two weeks, we are offering free trial classes where we go over new skills and build ourselves up so that anyone can have the opportunity to join our team. All information about the location and times of our classes will be given out to those who are interested at our open day. Therefore, no matter what your ability or previous experience we would love it if you take a trip down to Laan Corpus den horn 101 (9728JR, Groningen) and join us!

We really hope that you can make it to practices! If you would like to join along feel free to send us an email or DM on our instagram (@groningencheergiants) to let us know! Don’t worry if you haven’t sent us a message, anyone is welcome! So bring your family or friends along if you would like and we can’t wait to kick off the new season with you all!


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